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A black and white photograph of two young men planting small trees in what appears to be a community garden.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mission Statement

The Missouri History Museum is a place of collecting, studying and learning within a greater environment.  It is a small, vital community that assumes responsibility for its role in the environmental stewardship of local, regional and global communities. 
The leading principles of the Museum's sustainability efforts:

·  Manage the Museum in a manner that reduces the Museum's negative impact on the environment through policies and initiatives.

·  Encourage environmentally responsible practices in projects that call for the design, renovation, and/or restoration of the Museum's facilities and exhibits.

·  Take all opportunities to increase environmental awareness among our visitors and co-workers.​

Committee Members
Sena Dawes​Evaluations and Audience Development Coordinator
Karen Goerin​g, Managing Director of Administration and Operations, Founding Member
Nicholas Hoffman, Managing Director of Education and Visitor Experience
Ellen Kuhn, Teen and Adult Interpretati​ve Programs Coordinator
Angela Moore, Assistant to Director of General Services, Chair
Alexander Pati​ño​​​​​​​​​, Payroll and Accounting Associate​
Jason Stratman, Assistant Librarian, Reference 
Emily Underwood, Public Programs Manager
Ronald Woodcock, Director of General Services